Decorative panel with plants - Resin wall vase


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The plant panels are created with artificial greenery made with very realistic premium material, rubberized leaves or, in this case, with real plants and flowers

The vegetable panels canThey cannot be combined with each other or be made to measure to create vertical gardens of any size, to decorate part of walls or entire walls, corners of the house or garden, shops, hotels and offices. 

  • Decorative panel 56 x 56 cm
  • Color taupe
  • Resin trays
  • Can be used with artificial flowers or real plants (vases may contain water)
  • Wall fixing system with adjustable hooks that allow you to align multiple panels
  • Painted with professional bodywork materials
  • The indicated price includes artificial plants such as: platycerium (elk antlers), tillansia, eucalyptus, lichen (solution 1) 
  • The indicated price includes artificial plants such as: brown pendant, two-tone fern, tillansia, lichen  (solution 2) 

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