Ficus green leaves - Artificial plant


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All of our artificial plants are extremely lifelike and made with quality, long-lasting, non-harmful materials.

Artificial plants are simple to keep clean, just spray them with water or pass them gently under the shower jet.

Artificial plants are suitable for shops, offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, living rooms and salons, SPAs, medical offices, hotel halls, shopping centers and do not require maintenance

  • Stem: in anti-moth treated wood to make the plant more realistic.
  • Rami: they can be shaped to your liking, as they have a malleable iron core inside.
  • Leaves : made of anti-dust waxed plastic material to reduce maintenance and cleaning required. They have an oval shape and pointed at the end
  • Vase: with solid base to stabilize the plant. Diameter between 16-20cm.
  • Height: refers to the maximum value calculated from the ground.
  • Maintenance: the artificial ficus does not require particular maintenance; to clean the leaves it will be sufficient to spray them with water, or pass it under a shower (or jet of water), or use specific products for artificial plants and flowers.
  • Assembly: the plant will be delivered already assembled.
  • Setting: it is ideal in both a shabby chic and modern interior. Very suitable for shops, offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, living rooms and salons and more.
  • Description: the ficus is native to Asia and Africa, has gray-beige stems, the branches are thin and the leaves have an ovate shape and pointed at the end.

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